Closer to the Father

When I take the risk of coming out from behind my wall then I can see the Father clearly. Many things in my life begin to drop of, old hurts, resentments, emotional pain. Once these have dropped off I can stand before my Father. 

My Father wants me to rise above the things of this world, the things that separate me from truly knowing the Father’s love. It is only when I rise above these things that true romance can begin, and Passion grows within my heart. True passion, not as the world see’s it, but as my Father shows it.

A passion for Jesus.

A passion for His Kingdom.

A passion for the lost. 

A passion to see Scotland at the heart of everything that Father God offers.

First I need to lay myself before his alter, and let his Holy Fire burn up the dross in my life.

Holy Fire come in Jesus name.


About cleavinghearts

I go to church in Troon Scotland. I want to see men from every nation rise up in Christ and be who they are called to be. I am interested in men getting together to praise and just do men's things. I also want to see women rise above their pain and turmoil so they are free to follow Jesus without the hindrances of their past.
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