Overcoming by the word of our testimony

I have been inspired for the last few days by a blog by Aprilcoon where she asks for people’s testimonies. I wrote some of my story on her blog. It is when we share our stories that we realize how much Father God has done for us.

My heart is to see the addicted person, the lonely, the desperate and the brokenhearted set free in the love of Jesus. I long to see the oppressed restored into full relationship with Father God. I was set free from addiction to alcohol and now walk as a new creation set free by the blood of Christ.

This blog is called Cleavinghearts because everyday I must cleave my heart to the Father’s love. My passion must be to live my life fully for Jesus. The strangest thing is I used to wish I was dead every day; now I struggle to fully kill my old sinful self. I want to rise fully in Jesus so I can live the life he has called me to live.

Today I cleave my heart to Jesus in a deeper way.

Today will you join me in cleaving our hearts more fully to Jesus?


About cleavinghearts

I go to church in Troon Scotland. I want to see men from every nation rise up in Christ and be who they are called to be. I am interested in men getting together to praise and just do men's things. I also want to see women rise above their pain and turmoil so they are free to follow Jesus without the hindrances of their past.
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2 Responses to Overcoming by the word of our testimony

  1. aprilcoon says:

    I absolutely love this posts! You inspire me as a writer and a Christian. Your blogs are always full of God’s truth and love! Your testimony can change lives. I pray you feel confident to tell your story and let others bless you by your obedience. I pray that you change lives by your story and show them that they can get through anything through Christ! Have a blessed weekend!

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