Faith to move mountains

The mountains in my life can seem to overwhelm me. I look at them and instantly make my mind up that I cant do anything about them.

The mountains are the problems in my life. When I look at them through my own eyes I am challenged by  my own self. That is challenged by my own thoughts about myself. I feel like I am a failure at times; my failures seem to evidence that my thoughts are reality.  The failures that prevent me from believing who I am in Christ.

Actually the reality for me is that Jesus lives in me; that is the whole of the God head. The creator of the universe has chosen my body to be his tabernacle. believing in the creator being that close to myself produces faith.

Faith so strong that it moves the mountains.

Today I chose to have faith to move the mountains in my life.

How much faith do you need to move your mountains?

The mountains can be moved.

You are an overcomer!!!! Just believe what Jesus says about you!!!!


About cleavinghearts

I go to church in Troon Scotland. I want to see men from every nation rise up in Christ and be who they are called to be. I am interested in men getting together to praise and just do men's things. I also want to see women rise above their pain and turmoil so they are free to follow Jesus without the hindrances of their past.
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