My mind doesn’t want to think about Father God most of the time; it wants to think it’s own thoughts. It tries to work out who God is and what use is he to me; it usually comes up with the wrong answers. This is because of one reason.

When I was young I was taught how to work things out using my brain. I was taught to read, write and problem solve. The problem with problem solving the way I was taught was it was me sorting out my problems.

My brain thinks if you cant see it then its not there.

This leaves no room for God as my mind can’t see Him.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. This is the way to be set free. It is letting go of the old mindsets and accepting the new. I cant see faith but I try and walk this walk by faith. I base my life on something that I can’t see.

Transformation is about letting go of the old mind ways of working out life; into letting faith be the way of walking through life.

I cant always see his love for me but I can have faith that He loves me, as it says so in the bible. By faith I know that I am completely loved.

Today I choose not to try and work God out but let Him lead me along His path.

Today will you walk by faith with me?


About cleavinghearts

I go to church in Troon Scotland. I want to see men from every nation rise up in Christ and be who they are called to be. I am interested in men getting together to praise and just do men's things. I also want to see women rise above their pain and turmoil so they are free to follow Jesus without the hindrances of their past.
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One Response to Transformation.

  1. The Mount says:

    I also had that problem too – I have always known God is there but I always seemed to question everything however sure I was. Now though, I feel I can let go of that and after many prayers I now no longer feel the need to see God in that way or for anything to be proven. I am so pleased you are doing the same. God bless x

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