drip, drip, it keeps dripping!!

I have a summer house in the back garden. It is maybe a bit strange to use ‘summer’ for anything in Scotland. Then again it stops the rain from falling on my head. One day I looked out and Trish was sitting in the summer house. I was supposed to fix the roof but never got it started.

I decided for my birthday I would use the money for some expensive paint, I would fix the leaky roof. I then decided it needed waterproof tape to repair the leaky felt, which I was going to paint over.

I went to a local store and asked advice on the best tape to use. I was given advice but looked at the cost. The advice was to use a certain tape I refused and bought a cheaper variety.

The following day I taped up the roof seams and brushed off the dirt. I began to paint. When I finished it I hoped it would rain the next day to test if it worked.

It never rained. ( remember this is Scotland)

I thought I would use up the rest of the paint after a few days. I hoped it would rain.

It never rained.

I painted it for a third time. I still have some paint left today!!!!

It rained today.

The worst part of the roof is leak free but a different part is now leaking.

This is like my walk with Jesus I try and stop doing certain things, but it keeps happening. This is a bit like the roof leaking.

I ask advice of Jesus through prayer, he advises me what to do in the bible. I choose not to take the advice and try things my self. Just like buying the tape.

If I refuse advice from Jesus am I  doing it His way or my way?

Today I am waiting for the rain to stop.

The roof continues to drip, drip, it keeps dripping!!!!!!!


About cleavinghearts

I go to church in Troon Scotland. I want to see men from every nation rise up in Christ and be who they are called to be. I am interested in men getting together to praise and just do men's things. I also want to see women rise above their pain and turmoil so they are free to follow Jesus without the hindrances of their past.
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