Old Stubborn Thoughts

Throughout the years that I have been a Christian I have been taught many things. Some of the things I have rejected and other things I have fully accepted. I accept these things because I believe them to be correct.

Father God throughout the years has challenged what I believe in, or rather what I have accepted as truth. Sometimes I have believed a twisted truth yet I believe it to be complete truth.

When somebody is used to correct my twisted truth my stubborn thoughts want to argue for the twisted truth. An example of this is when it comes to the Law or Torah. my twisted truth says that we are free from the chains of living out the Law.

Yet Jesus says that he has come to fulfill the Law. You cant fulfill something that is done away with. I have been asked to preach on Sunday on Acts 9. Saul is converted in this passage.

It is easy to preach it until you consider others arguments for disobeying the Law, or rather not being bound by it. They almost always quote Saul. In the preparation there was an argument in my head between the twisted truth and the real truth.

I wish my old stubborn thoughts would just go and leave me in peace.

How do you cope with your old stubborn thoughts?

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What are you focusing on today?

Over the years my focus as a Christian hasn’t always been on Jesus. It has been on many other irrelevant things, like football, work and other activities.

When I focus on other things I am drawn away from Jesus, it is very subtle but still it is drawn away.

I realise that my peace has disappeared.

I realise that my faith is weaker.

I realise that I am less tolerant.

I realise that I hold more grudges.

I realise that my love is growing cold.

At these times I need to sit down and refocus on Jesus. I need to spend time in the word as well as in prayer.

It is hard to focus on Jesus when I am focusing on something else.

I need to persevere.

I hate that word as it sounds painful.

Today I choose to fully focus on Jesus.

What are you focusing on today?

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Carry on through the frustration.

Sometimes in my walk with God I feel very frustrated deep down inside. Things that should be easy are suddenly very difficult.

My internet has been very slow and would cut out at times. This blog has been difficult to keep up with because of the hassle. I would write a blog and then it would cut out before it was published. It was never saved.

My walk with God can be the same; sometimes prayer is easy at other times it stops. I lose connection.

This leaves me with a deep sense of frustration at times. I need to hand over frustration to Jesus. He will take it away and leave me with His Presence.  That’s all I want is his presence.

Are you feeling frustrated today?

Have you handed it over to Jesus?

All you need is to spend time in HIS PRESENCE.


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drip, drip, it keeps dripping!!

I have a summer house in the back garden. It is maybe a bit strange to use ‘summer’ for anything in Scotland. Then again it stops the rain from falling on my head. One day I looked out and Trish was sitting in the summer house. I was supposed to fix the roof but never got it started.

I decided for my birthday I would use the money for some expensive paint, I would fix the leaky roof. I then decided it needed waterproof tape to repair the leaky felt, which I was going to paint over.

I went to a local store and asked advice on the best tape to use. I was given advice but looked at the cost. The advice was to use a certain tape I refused and bought a cheaper variety.

The following day I taped up the roof seams and brushed off the dirt. I began to paint. When I finished it I hoped it would rain the next day to test if it worked.

It never rained. ( remember this is Scotland)

I thought I would use up the rest of the paint after a few days. I hoped it would rain.

It never rained.

I painted it for a third time. I still have some paint left today!!!!

It rained today.

The worst part of the roof is leak free but a different part is now leaking.

This is like my walk with Jesus I try and stop doing certain things, but it keeps happening. This is a bit like the roof leaking.

I ask advice of Jesus through prayer, he advises me what to do in the bible. I choose not to take the advice and try things my self. Just like buying the tape.

If I refuse advice from Jesus am I  doing it His way or my way?

Today I am waiting for the rain to stop.

The roof continues to drip, drip, it keeps dripping!!!!!!!

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Does The Old Self Refuse To Die?

It is interesting when the old person in charge stands down but refuses to die.

The old sinful self struggled to stay in control of life. It had to self medicate in order to cope. It decided to step aside and let the New Creation, the Jesus self, take full control. Also every now and again it decides that it doesn’t like the New Creation and tries to kick Jesus off the throne of my life.

The New Creation self, built in the likeness of Jesus, is really good in charge as Jesus is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. He is in full control of my destiny. I have Love, Peace and Joy, to name a few, deep down in my Spirit. This is something the old self could not provide.

The old self, the old powerhouse, picks up a machine gun and begins to shoot bullets. The bullets are usually past wounds, many can be from the past few years, which have taken place since the New creation part of me was Created. The machine gun is simply to kill, steal and destroy the New Creation.

A war has broken out.

The Old Self handed over power but Refused to Die.

Its main purpose is the kill the new Creation by whatever means it can.

Has your old self refused to die?

If not then keep handing the power back to Jesus. Many times we think because the old man is trying to fight that Jesus has lost. The truth is because the old self is trying to fight that Jesus has actually WON.

I can walk in complete victory.

YOU can walk in COMPLETE VICTORY!!!!!!!!

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Emotions And Truth

There are many powerful emotions that I can feel. There is rejection, fear, insecurity as well as positive ones like peace, joy and contentment. When I feel some of these emotions they try to control me. The negative ones try and make me feel as if I am not blessed. The positive ones make me feel blessed.

Emotions come from God yet at times they feel stronger than God.

FACT: God is the most powerful force in the universe.

I believe that my emotions can lie to me. I sometimes believe that people don’t like me. I begin to behave around them in a certain manner. I have let my emotion change my behaviour. The same person might actually love me. I have let my emotion lie to me.

FACT: my emotions change but God never changes.

I sometimes put more faith in my emotions than I do in actual reality, reality being God.

Negative emotions are there as a warning. They warn me that I need to get closer to God. When I am distant from God then my negative emotions become super negative. It is at these times that I need to sit with Jesus and let his love flow into my heart.

Negative emotions usually come from hurts, we have suffered a wound to our heart at one time. When something similar happens we relive the old scenario in our head which reproduces the pain.

Are you letting emotions get in the way of your walk with God?

If so why don’t you spend time with him today.


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Standing Still

Many times in my walk with Jesus I just seem to stand still. I pray but it never seems to achieve much. I sometimes fail to understand the enormity of knowing God. I sometimes don’t seem to understand that God actually created the world.

I seem to be standing still.

The road seems to be very long, longer than I can cope with, longer than life itself.

I seem to be standing still.

My heart yearns to be closer to Almighty God. He seems so close yet so far away. I don’t know how far away or how close. All it seems to be is standing still.



Yet I choose to worship you.


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